Jeric + Mitch | Wedding | Quezon City

20121217-JEN_9770JEN_9379 copy
1JEN_942120121217-JEN_9993 20121217-JEN_9796 20121217-JEN_9785 20121217-JEN_9766 20121217-JEN_9755

20121217-JEN_0010 20121217-JEN_0029-3 20121217-JEN_0022-copy 20121217-JEN_0020-copy 20121217-JEN_0019 20121217-JEN_001620121217-JEN_0085-copy 20121217-JEN_0076-copy 20121217-JEN_012120121217-JEN_0176 20121217-JEN_0121 20121217-JEN_0274kneel20121217-JEN_0300 20121217-JEN_0296 20121217-JEN_027620121217-JEN_0319 20121217-JEN_0305family-picture


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