Jane Melvi | UST, Manila| Pre-Debut Pictorial

Jane Melvi | 18 Looks. 18 Characters. 1 Extraordinary Girl.
/DSC_7268 copySimply BeautifulDSC_7630 copy DSC_7636 DSC_7653* copy

Book Lover
-DSC_6882 DSC_6893
Cool ChicDSC_7018 DSC_7018 DSC_7040* DSC_7042* DSC_7030 DSC_7033*A Proud Loyal ThomasianJane's Elementary - High School - 1
Jane's Elementary - High School - 2Jane's Elementary - High School - 3
DSC_7510- DSC_7504-Jane's Elementary - High School - 4

An Inspiring Future Psychiatrist
An Inspiring Future PsychiatristDSC_7410 copyDSC_7415
S.W.A.T Girl – Simple, Witty and Talented Girl
DSC_6795 copy
DSC_6844DSC_6829copyA Gifted GuitaristDSC_7079 copyThe Fabulous Lady

DSC_6705 copy DSC_6721 copyDSC_6747 copyA Faithful Music LoverDSC_6766 DSC_6773 copy DSC_6777 DSC_6781DSC_7548 DSC_7540 DSC_7541 DSC_7557 1 2 3 DSC_7589 copy DSC_7591 DSC_7606A Fantastic FlutistDSC_7357
DSC_7839 DSC_7807The Elegant LadyDSC_7744A Stunning Lady

DSC_7696 copy DSC_7727 copy DSC_7732 copy jane in redPianist

DSC_8028DSC_8012 jan-john

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