Michael + Lorna | Engagement AVP | Playa Laiya, Batangas

Hello! 🙂 Thanks for visiting my website. I’m so excited to share with you this Engagement/Pre-Nuptial AVP of Michael & Lorna. I really enjoyed doing this because it was fun working with my dear clients Mr. Michael (who’s also a Paulinian from SPCB) & Ms. Lorna (who’s a friend of my previous client Carlo & May, and a friend of ate Juvi).

We gave a lot of extra effort to make this project a success! 🙂 From the planning and preparation… to the 23 hours we spent for the travel time + the hair & make up + the actual photo shoot, up to the post-process editing!

Even though the budget and the time were limited… they were not a problem at all because we just enjoyed it. 🙂 And I don’t mind the extra efforts I gave beyond what was expected from me. Ms. Lorna gave her best effort in preparing & making the props! Mr. Michael, though he’s not used to this kind of “pictorial thing”, supported his lovely lady and managed to give his best smiles! 😀 They were really cooperative! I loved it! ^_^ Thank you!

Although I wasn’t able to get some shots that I wanted (which would supposetedly show how beautiful the venue + the sunset shots) because we had to be discreet in the pictorial, I could say it was still a success! 🙂 The “poses” and the “candid shots” as requested were captured… and again..it was FUN! haha! Plus we were lucky to have some bonus props available in the venue. 😀

Thanks to Ms. Terry, the supportive sister of Ms. Lorna, who drove all the way from Bulacan to Batangas, & Batangas-Bulacan! 🙂

And thanks to Mr. Gino Angelo, who’s been very supportive ever since for my passion in photography. Your assistance is very much appreciated! hehe. Thank you my bf-bff-business partner! 😉

Again, thanks for your time reading this blog.

Please watch it on HD and enjoy watching! 🙂

Michael Muñoz + Lorna Gonzales
Engagement / Pre-Nuptial Pictorial AVP

AVP, Photography, Styling, Hair & Makeup by: Jenice Zaira de Jesus
Location: Playa Laiya, Batangas

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