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I love Photography

I make memories tangible, emotions suitable and dreams achievable.
Jenice Zaira | Bulacan, Philippines
Events | Birthday | Engagement | Wedding | Photographer

Little did I know that I was circumnavigating my dream of becoming a PT to becoming an artist the very first time I joined an art workshop at my parents’ office. That gave me my 1st silver and gold. I was 9.

Who says you have to go to a salon to prep yourself? Egg white for the hair, curlers, manicure and pedicure were some of my “play time”. Don’t forget doing my own make up! I was 10.

College was FINE. It was the total experience. From Tekken to Timezone’s Basketball (wherein I do 800+ pts.) To ROTC’s short hair requirement. Fun is an understatement. It was Fine Arts.

What did I skip telling?

Ballet & Lyre.

SPCB – Paulinian & UST – Thomasian

Cadet & Officer.

Sassy & Adventurous.

Extracurriculars & Cum Laude.

Painting & Photography.

Landscapes & Portraits.

Hair & Makeup.

Web Design & Codes.

Photography for me is PICTURING the world other than its usual self. It is a way to CAPTURE memories & hold it in your hands. It is DEVELOPING fervor & LAY OUT a beautiful masterpiece.

Since you finished my About Me,
I definitely would like to share my portfolio with you.

Here are the links:


Proud member of Focus Bulacan.

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