My 36weeks baby bump


Dear Baby,

Our little princess,


I’m so excited to see you in February…

Thank you for being such a good girl since day 1…

No morning sickness, no cravings and no sleepless nights…

Only happy memories and those little kicks inside.


Thanks for holding on my little one. ❤

You’ve made my journey to motherhood a lot easier.


I knew it! Our guess was right

I’m carrying a healthy baby girl 🙂

Thank you Lord for the answered prayers.


Even if I have stretchmarks on my tummy,

Baby, you still made me feel glowing and sexy… even if I’m not. 😛


I want to borrow your Daddy’s words durung our wedding day

and tell you the same thing…

That “I will protect you… I will cherish you…

til the last breath of my life… I will love you forever…” ❤


I promise to take care of you

and show you love in all its best forms.


I can’t wait to see you! ❤


Love you already,



PS: Thanks to my sister for taking this picture. ❤ #36weeks #012217 #GinoandJenice #BabyBump

Ysabel’s Baptismal | Barasoain Church | Malolos, Bulacan

Because of my love for photography and babies, I’ve decided to still accept this opportunity to capture baby Ysabel’s Baptismal even though it was my 5th month of pregnancy. 🙂 It was really nice working with Sir Dave, Ma’am Tin … Continue reading

Gino & Jenice | Same Day Edit – Christian Andaya Wedding Films

I just want to share with you my own wedding same day edit by Christian Andaya Wedding Films

“Best friends turned into lovers.  Gino and Jenice have so many things in common…they are both products of UST, they are both the third sibling in their family, and they are both Scorpio born among others.  Their love story slowly grew from being acquaintance (thanks to their common relatives), to being best friends, to being lovers and now, partners for life.” – Christian Andaya Wedding Films

Santissimo Rosario Parish (UST)
Light of Love