My 36weeks baby bump


Dear Baby,

Our little princess,


I’m so excited to see you in February…

Thank you for being such a good girl since day 1…

No morning sickness, no cravings and no sleepless nights…

Only happy memories and those little kicks inside.


Thanks for holding on my little one. ❤

You’ve made my journey to motherhood a lot easier.


I knew it! Our guess was right

I’m carrying a healthy baby girl 🙂

Thank you Lord for the answered prayers.


Even if I have stretchmarks on my tummy,

Baby, you still made me feel glowing and sexy… even if I’m not. 😛


I want to borrow your Daddy’s words durung our wedding day

and tell you the same thing…

That “I will protect you… I will cherish you…

til the last breath of my life… I will love you forever…” ❤


I promise to take care of you

and show you love in all its best forms.


I can’t wait to see you! ❤


Love you already,



PS: Thanks to my sister for taking this picture. ❤ #36weeks #012217 #GinoandJenice #BabyBump